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Family Docs out here saving lives!

Doctoring is a hard job and Family Medicine is one of the most underappreciated and underpaid medical specialties in America. As a family doctor, I know how nice it feels to be recognized for my hard work from time to time. Donuts are cool. Fruit trays are even more exciting to receive as a thank you. But when it comes to acknowledgment for what I do on a daily basis - listen to patients, manage diseases, guide healing, and educating on wellness, being called a hero is the last thing I expect to hear. I rarely experience the instant gratification many specialty doctors often do with their patients. And because of this, I was taken aback when asked to be interviewed for saving a young boy's life. In my eyes I was just doing my job. One of the agencies I work with published an article about my experience in what to me seemed like a routine office visit with rather critical management, but routine nevertheless. You can read the full article here.

I took an oath to do no harm and a lot of other things along that line. After 16 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 3 years of residency, and countless continuing medical education and certifying board exams, I have fallen into my personal groove of practicing medicine. I ask my questions the same way, I search for hidden clues using my tried and true tricks and tips. I have an algorithm on how I assess each patient and no matter how stressful or busy the day gets, I do my best not to stray from my process. My unique process is what makes me the doctor I am.

Honestly, I never saw myself as a life-saver like emergency medicine doctors or surgeons. Maybe most people don't either. But I am thankful for this published article from Locum Leaders for reminding me that I am someone's hero. After all, if I help one patient live a better life, all my years' sacrifices are well worth it. To be used as a vessel of God to help guide healing in the world is the commission I have undertaken. I have accepted the challenge. And I am grateful for being entrusted with such a valuable assignment.

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